We are fully committed to providing the highest quality excavating and landscaping services for each client, we serve while focusing on cost efficiency and value.

Webber Excavating and Mike Webber are extremely professional, reliable and great at execution. I was building a new house on a lake which required an extraordinary amount of excavating, site construction and creative design work incorporating very large boulders. The work was always done on time and with a great amount of thought. I would recommend them for any work to be preformed.
Katherine M. McC.
Mike Webber did our Pond Wall and Ground Drainage. We couldn’t be happier with his work. The wall that he built looks beautiful around our pond.  We finally can mow in front of our pond without our mower getting stuck. He is very fair, and his prices are reasonable considering the job that he did for us.  When he finished, we felt more like he was a friend then a contractor.  We highly recommended him.
Camile D
Michael Webber’s work was highly competent and done professionally in a timely fashion. We have had several large capital projects and many contractors work for the school district. Mr. Webber was found to be knowledgeable, forthright, and honest in all his dealings with us.
Lazzlo Nemmessanyi,Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds
Bedford Central School District, NY